Mamiya 645AFD

Lately, my old Mamiya M645 has felt a bit too slow. Good enough for nature photography, but not really for portraiture. So, I sold it and bought the more modern Mamiya 645AFD!

I got a relatively complete system with a wide, normal and tele lens (55, 80 and 150). 

So far I've processed two rolls of B&W film (Kodak TMAX and TriX). you can see the results below.

A few quick portraits during lunch hour

Last Wednesday was an exceptionally pleasant day at work, as I had the opportunity to take a few portraits of my friend Hanna during lunch. The light that day was perfect, and it was just great to work with Hanna. 



Me and my soon-to-be wife spent the weekend with my brother, his wife and their three month old daughter. 

More medium format

Here are some more pictures taken over the last two summers, using the Mamiya M645 and RZ67 systems. The B&W pictures are taken with the RZ67 (Kodak TMAX 100), while I used the M645 (Kodak Portra 160) for the colour images. 

I scanned the negatives using a simple light table and Nikon D800 with micro Nikkor 60/2.8. The trickiest part is the colour conversion of the colour negs, for which I use the photoshop add on ColorPerfect by CF systems. More about this in a coming post! 



Volcanoes of Indonesia

In september, I traveled to Indonesia to climb volcanoes. A part of my research in geology deals specifically with Indonesian volcanoes (Anak Krakatau, Gunung Merapi and Gunung Kelud), something that is very much appreciated by the photographer in me!

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Mamiya M645. Well hello, medium format

I finally got around to buy a decent medium format camera. After much deliberation, I chose the Mamiya 645 system. In the end I bought a Mamiya m645 1000s kit with 55/2.8, 80/2.8 and 210/4 lenses as well as a whole range of accessories.

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